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Autor: Marian Nuţu Cârpaci         Ediţia nr. 2748 din 10 iulie 2018        Toate Articolele Autorului

Censorship at the Conference of CNCR`s Romano Kher: An Organ of The Romanian Government
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Yesterday 27 June, during the conference, Doctor of Anthropology Mrs. Delia Grigore, sent an employee of CNCR's Romano Kher to tell me to put down the placard on which I had written GHEORGHE SARĂU IS DESTROYING THE KALDERASH DIALECT. Delia Grigore is a professor in the Department of Rromani of the University of Bucharest. Thus, this “Rroma lady”, anthropologist and university professor Delia Grigore is violating the Romanian Constitution: Any kind of censorship is forbidden. (Article 30). Mihai Sorin also did not permit me to make minor interventions during the various topics presented by speakers employed by the CNCR. 
They are using the Communist method of the PUNCH IN THE FACE. Why? Because the “Rroma” movement, predomininantly composed of people whose native culture is Romanian, pretend to be Roma, and STEAL the rights which derive from natural law: NATIVE speakers of Romani dialects have PRIORITY for the material and spiritual proceeds deriving from the EXPLOITATION of dialects of the Romani language by the “Rroma” clique at the top of the Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education has been DECEIVED for 28 years by this clique, who claim that there exists a common Romani language that the Roma understand, and only they, the teachers of “Rromani” get to write and print textbooks, or to work for the integration of the Roma community. 
Delia Grigore adopted the idea of censorship from the Communists, but not the communist system of accepting criticism and of self-criticism. 
The “Romani Language, Barriers and Opportunities” Conference has been registered, but it has not been shown LIVE, so as not to publicise the issues that I am raising, myself being the only opponent of the systematic falsification of the history of the Kalderash language present in the hall. All the others were part of the clique. Although it was not officially acknowledged, I believe the conference took place because of the analysis that I am publishing in my blog, of the translation of the Bible into a “Rromani” language invented by Gheorghe Sarău, a mash-up that no native Rom can understand, and which also demonstrates the fact that Gheorghe Sarău, a ROMANIAN, DOES NOT KNOW the detailed grammar of the dialects of the Romani language. The salary received by Gheorghe Sarău from the Ministry of Education for 2017 was 125,018 New Lei, as a (SELF-APPOINTED) PROFESSOR-DOCTOR in the non-existent Common Romani Language! ( 
I repeat the colossal amount received by Sarau for 2017: 1.25 billion old Lei, of which 926m was paid to him as professor of “Rromani” at Bucharest University. 926 million old Lei. Here is my analysis, as a NATIVE speaker of Kalderash, of the textbook accepted by the Ministry of Education, that is to say, Gheorghe Sarău's translation of certain biblical texts: 
( ) 
As a brief explanation to readers, I will summarise what I did in this blog: I translated into ROMANIAN, the meaning that a Kalderash Rom would understand from the “Rromani” language invented by Gheorghe Sarău which is taught in schools, by over 450 Romanian teachers, to native-speaking Roma children, who are forced by the textbooks to abandon the Kalderash dialect as incorrect, and to adopt the “Rromani” language that was “standardised and purified” by Gheorghe Sarău and his clique. 
Here's how Gheorghe Sarău translated the Bible into Romani: 
The Virgin Mary was once born with Jesus, and made him ill! 
“O Lùka , II: 7. Thaj voj biandili pe Anglutne Biandile Rakles, xurăvdăs Les thaj paślilăs Les anθ-jekh bakrănqo sovipnasqo than…” 
Literal translation according the Doctor of Spoitori, Gheorghe Sarău: “And she was born from her first one, they were born to the child, she dressed him and laid/sickened him in a sovipnasko place (a sleeping place for sheep) ...” 
This is just one example! In the course of 100 pages, I found hundreds of mistakes! That's how much Romani Gheorghe Sarău, Doctor of “Rromani”, knows; just as when I was his student. AND, seeing that the man DOES NOT know my language, I QUIT the faculty. Abandonment of schooling among Roma children is also due to the fact that they do not recognise their language from home in the textbooks of the Ministry of Education, just as I did not recognise my Romani and Kalderash culture in the “Rromani” department of the University of Bucharest. I propose that the Ministry of Education should print textbooks in ALL the Romani dialects, using the ROMANIAN alphabet, not the alphabet imposed by the International Romani Union (IRU), which was imposed on the Government of Romania as a Ministry of Roma Affairs controlled from outside Romania, which stipulates which language Roma children are to speak, and in an alphabet different from the Romanian one. Only the Romanian alphabet is suitable for representing the phonology and phonics of all the Romani dialects. 
Although I spoke with Adrian Furtuna over the course of a year about the subjects he covered during his speech, he did not mention my name as the author of the ideas he presented during his presentation: the origin of synonyms from different dialects or rare Romani words. I publicly protest because CNCR Romano Kher did not invite me to be a speaker at this conference. I suspect that the CNCR leadership did not want to let me be a speaker, so they said that I could only come as an audience member, and that's why I could not publicly discuss the serious issue of the DESTRUCTION OF THE KALDERASH DIALECT with the connivance of the Ministry of Education, destroying the LINGUISTIC IDENTITY of Kalderash students through the IMPOSITION of a language invented by Gheorghe Sarău, a language in which Roma children do not recognise their linguistic identity. I believed the CNCR leadership would have done their duty in this matter, and simply invited me to the debates. AGERPRESS and TVR1 were present for the debates. I have more to say than a commentator in the margins. Democracy means EFFECTIVE PARTICIPATION, NOT AN EXPOSITION, where the required time has not been allocated for the various issues raised. 
Adrian Furtună is a Christian from the Jehovah's Witnesses sect, but did not respect the Biblical principle that says: 
“Is not my word like fire,” declares the Lord, “and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces? 
“Therefore,” declares the Lord, “I am against the prophets who steal from one another words supposedly from me. Yes,” declares the Lord, “I am against the prophets who wag their own tongues and yet declare, ‘The Lord declares.’ ” (source: NIV) 
Then there followed Mr. Cristian Pădure, PhD student at the Sorbonne, on the “Rromani” language. He explained the categorisation of the dialects of the Romani language according to Yaron Matras, Marcel Courthiade, and Gheorghe Sarău. Even though two years ago, Mr. Cristian Pădure advised me to stop publicising via the Internet the fact that Roma speak more than 1,000 dialects around the world, at yesterday's conference Mr. Pădure made known to the Romanian public the summary work of Yaron Matras on the site, publicly acknowledging the existence of more than 100 Romani dialects, but claiming that they are divided into three or four large groups of very similar dialects, so that the Roma understand one another. Mr. Cristian Pădure, nothing could be further from the truth, I say! The Romani dialects have NOT been studied, neither their total number nor their grammatical and lexical characteristics are known. But the Ministry of Education has imposed a “Rromani” language invented by Gheorghe Sarău and the fantasies invented by his team of writers of “Rromani” textbooks, and published by Sigma Publishing. Or maybe STIGMA Publishing? Moreover, Pădure said that it is impossible to have two synonyms in the same dialect for the same concept, giving the example of the Romani synonyms for “table”: meseli, sînia and scafidi. I could not reply to him then, but in my dialect from Caransebeș and Reșița, my tribe has all three variants. 
Mr. Cristian Pădure then claimed that the Romani language created by the Courthiade-Sarău team is divided into: the international “Romani” language of Roma politicians, the literary “Rromani” language, and the common “Rromani” language. Mr. Pădure did not explain the differences between the three Rromani dialects invented by the Sarău-Courthiade team, but he assured us that it is thus. On the basis of my own experience, I maintain that there is only ONE “Rromani” language invented by Sarău, and it is imposed by force on Roma children in the communities, without these communities being asked if they want this artificial language in the school curriculum. But the hen that lays golden eggs must be kept only in the yard of the team of “Rroma” linguists financed with cornmeal from the Ministry of Education. 
The Roma did not consent that they needed the invention of a common language, but Gheorghe Sarău had already suggested that they needed his creation, and seeing that the Roma did not accept it because they did not understand it, went to the Romanians, and they, hopeful guests and “Rroma” teachers in the heritage of the real Roma, imposed their new language that the Roma do not understand, and in which they do not recognise their INHERITED LINGUISTIC IDENTITY. Moreover, the language invented by Sarău NULLIFIES the inherited identity, creating quarrels between the Romanian Roma, and within the families of speakers of various dialects of Romani. 
Mr. Cristian Pădure, I am showing you a conspiracy theory that is real: the Roma have been given a common language by Gheorghe Sarău and Marcel Courthiade, without having a country of their own where they would need a SINGLE “RROMANI” LANGUAGE, then Gheorghe Sarău and Courthiade went to India, and ... they also gave us a COUNTRY, as India recognised, without sufficient linguistic evidence, that we would be Indians. Now comes the deportation to the country of origin in the manner in which France sends Romanian Roma back to their country of origin if they are caught stealing or begging. The Roma did not have a country, but now they have. The Romanians will send the Roma back to India. It remains an open topic, Mr. Gheorghe Sarău, a topic that ALL of the Roma in the world are talking about with trepidation. Are you ready, the team of Courthiade and yourself, Mr. Gheorghe Sarău, to assume the role of the Moses of the Roma, who forcibly sent the Roma back to the land promised by LINGUISTS, a country from which their ancestors fled because of the worst racism in the history of mankind, i.e. CASTE-ISM or DALIT-ISM? 
Luminița Cioabă has made history! My respect, lady! 
Regarding Cristian Pădure's assertion that the dialect invented by Marcel Courthiade is understood by everyone, Mrs. Luminiţa Cioabă, a Roma poet of great status from the family of the self-proclaimed King Cioabă, claimed that she did not understand anything Marcel Courthiade said in the language he invented, at the Warsaw Conference in 1990, and neither did any of the Roma present, who had come from various European countries. That incomprehensible language of Courthiade, Gheorghe Sarău and his linguistic cabal has been taught to Kalderash Roma children in Romania for 28 years! 
The nerve of those present at the conference was UNLIMITED, they had the gall to contradict both Luminiţa Cioabă and myself, two speakers of DIFFERENT Kalderash dialects. All the speakers argued against the celebrated poet, a traditional ROMNI, that the language invented by Sarău and Courthiade is understood EASILY by every Rom in the world. In fact, Mrs. Elena Motaş contradicted Luminiţa Cioabă first, insisting that she understood everything Courthiade said when she met him, not specifying what that happy occasion was. 
Besides, lecturer Elena Motaş stated that it was necessary that any Roma who come to ask for a certificate to show they are genuine “Rroma” should be obliged to learn the language, otherwise they will not receive the proof of “Rroma” identity. She said this because of the pressure that I have brought to bear through the Internet, because I have been publicising for a long time the old Romani principle of WHOEVER DOES NOT KNOW THE LANGUAGE IS NOT ROMA. 
Ms. Elena Motaş, I can improve upon the old principle: “Whoever does not know a Romani DIALECT, is not Roma, but a Sarăuist-Courthiadist.” 
Then Mrs. Elena Motas asserted that the Ministry of Education does not help enough teachers of “Rromani”. At this point, all the delegates and teachers of “Rromani” naturally agreed. Elena Motaş said that the education system is racist. I do not see how there would be racism in the Ministry of Education given that Romania is part of the European linguistic agreement on minority language rights. 
And, Mrs. Elena Motaș, Gheorghe Sarău's clique has misled the Ministry of Education, claiming that the Roma have only one language, and that the dialects are few in number, and the Roma “understand each other” with no problems. The Ministry of Education must accept my proposition, namely that every Romani dialect should have its own textbooks, with NATIVE teachers from the community. 
Well, Mrs. Elena Motaş, you and your team CAN teach Sarău's language to “Rroma” NGOists and politicians, and to us, the real Roma, if you let us create our own ALPHABET, TEXTBOOKS, and choose a NORMAL, NATURAL path of culture and integration, not one imposed by a class of “Rroma” teachers illiterate in the Romani dialects. 
Mrs. Elena Motaş, you can teach your Ursari dialect at home in your locality. But do not impose it on the Kalderash Roma. 
The Kalderash want LINGUISTIC AUTONOMY, and native teachers, chosen by their communities, not by a clique. 
All the participants, teachers of “Rromani”, repeated the words that Sarau sent me by email, that is, not to destroy their life's work, the system, and not to leave them without a job. Stay calm, corruptors of the history of the Kalderash language, I won't destroy your work, I only seek EQUAL RIGHTS for the Kalderash dialect. 
When I was finally able to talk, I told Elena Motaş that NO common “Rromani” language exists, that we, the Roma, if we speak different dialects, prefer to communicate in Romanian, and I put forward the evidence from two interviews: 
“The Roma regard their dialects as different languages, as evidenced by the interviews given by two Bulibashi in Ploiești, The Professor and Vilan, in the book “Talking with Rroma from Ploiești about Roma and non-Roma”, by Georgeta Bidilică-Vasilache, CultArt Publishing: 
7. As an adviser to many tribes, do you have to be an expert in all dialects of Rromanes? 
The Professor: The language of the Zavragi and the Spoitori is different; we understand 10-20 percent, the Spoitori speak fast, with the Cocalari we understand 50-60 percent, the same with the Pletoși. 
10. What are the closest dialects among them? The Professor: “Zavragi with Corbeni, 80 percent; Zavragi with Argintari, 50-60 percent; Zavragi with Cocalari (Burcași) in Bereasca, 50-60 percent; and the rest much less, as the Rudari are a kind of Lăieși. 
Vilan: Zavragi with Pletoși, Kalderash with Spoitori and Cocalari, much less; Yugoslavian, Bulgarian, Russian and Polish Roma, speak about 60-80 percent of the language of the Zavragi. 
11. What are the most dissimilar dialects among them? 
The Professor: Spoitori and Kalderash (and Pletoși) compared to Zavragi. 
Vilan: additionally, the Corbeni are a separate tribe, so their lamguage is automatically different from the Spoitori, Zavragi and Corbeni. 
Gheorghe Sarău and Marcel Courthiade do not have the right to treat us all as linguists and to force us, under the power of their linguistics degrees awarded by NON-ROMA who did not learn the language at home, to accept under his invented pretexts, a utopian literary language which lacks centuries of development. 
At this point, ALL of Sarau's disciples, seeing the book of testimonies in my hand, began to send me very alarmed SMS messages. What I mean by this is a book of interviews with KRISINITORI (traditional judges), in which they declare that NO common language exists. 
Be assured that all Roma in the world believe the same. There is a greater or lesser degree of mutual intelligibility because of the influences that the Romani dialects have received from the Indian and European contact dialects (my own discovery, that the Romani dialects arrived in Europe with dialectal differences due to the influences of the Indian contact dialects). 
Then, I asked these specialists and teachers if they knew what VO KERLAHI, from the Vend Romani dialect, means. Nobody knew, no one had ever heard it! NO-ONE, despite the fact that they all claimed that there is only one “Rromani” language. I explained to them that in Vend Romani, “kerlahi” means he was doing. 
Delia Grigore, a professor of “Rromani” at the faculty, admitted that the teacher's diplomas awarded after a summer school are not correct, being only what a Romanian can learn in 2 weeks. And yet, Mrs. Delia, many Romanians work as teachers of “Rromani” with the diplomas given by Sarău at his summer school. 
Delia Grigore's mistake: SOSTIARIPEN 
Delia Grigore said in “Rromani” that the Roma do not want to learn “Rromani” because they have no reason to do so (soste te sikliovas rromanes? Nai soste, nai sostiaripen!). And she invented ad hoc the word “reason” - SOSTIARIPEN, from the interrogative SOSTE (why?). From SOSTE, she added the suffix -ARIPEN, and created the NON-EXISTENT new “Rromani” word SOSTIARIPEN, compounded actually from the word SOSTIA (knickers), a word present in the lexical baggage of Kalderash. Thus Delia Grigore clearly DEMONSTRATES the method of creating “new” words based on the already “existing” lexicon! 
Mrs. Delia Grigore, I will tell you why the Roma do not want to learn “Rromani” from the teachers taught by Sarău: because of this SOSTIARIPEN, this 28 years of “knickers-ness”, fakery, the way that you know grammar, and invent a new language from existing words. Do not you know that INVENTIVENESS has a limitation known as INTERPRETATION? 
Therefore, Ms Delia Grigore, if you want integration for Roma children with the help of their mother tongue, then let us, the native Roma from our communities, create textbooks and teach our dialects, not the language invented by Sarău, since you can see from my blog that Sarău does not know the Kalderash dialect. 
IONEL CORDOVAN, a Romanian teacher of “Rromani” 
Yes, Mr. Ionel Cordovan, a professor in the “Department of Rromani” told me eight years ago that he is not Rom, but Romanian! Now he has finally assumed the ethnicity, and he is a Rom, and MAKES DECISIONS IN THE NAME OF THE KALDERASH ROMA COMMUNITY. 
When Delia Grigore suggested in front of THE EYES OF THE WORLD as she did in previous years, that textbooks be written in the Romani dialects, the audience was largely agreeable to the idea, but Mr. Ionel Cordovan said that it was a BAD IDEA, and that it WOULD DESTROY THE “RROMANI” LANGUAGE . 
I could no longer bear the masquerade called Conference, which maintains a “Rromani” language invented by a Romanian, and I cried out to her: TRAITOR, YOU ARE THE GREATEST TRAITOR. I left the Chamber of Communist Meetings in a hurry. 
A shambles called Conference. 
Translated from Romanian by Dr. Natalia Ivend 
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Censorship at the Conference of CNCR`s Romano Kher: An Organ of The Romanian Government / Marian Nuţu Cârpaci : Confluenţe Literare, ISSN 2359-7593, Ediţia nr. 2748, Anul VIII, 10 iulie 2018.

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