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News from Wodania
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About Patriotism 
One day while Nish Nish, the generic citizen of Wodania, was trying to go to the restroom he stumbled and fell down, knocked his temple against the banister and died for the sake of the country. In an instance he was declared a hero of the struggle for peace, was buried with a great show and as remembrance he was put on a monument. 
soon some fanatics came from the limitrophic parishes to die for the country in the same way, it was like a replay image of a tennis match, a few millions died in this glorious manner and were inhumed in the native Earth, at the common grave, so that over billions of years from the decomposed bodies of these wonderful sons should gush homeland’s oil. 
The Royal Feast 
since the middle of August, or thereabouts, Hyn had begun to smoke his forefathers land. The fat of Hynoaya had pulled a thread from a spool of sewing silk which was hanging at the drapery of Homeland’s window. She had spun it with the distaff, then wrapped it up on a reel. As for the quack of little Hyn, this one had tilted the country toward him a bit and had drunk heaps of crab wine, while their relatives had sat at the table. They took a flat butcher’s knife with an in non-oxidable blade and a beech wood handle and they had eaten the country. they had cut it into slices and had shared it among them, and had thrown the leftover bones and crumbs to the workers. 
ooh, how tasty it is, and for nothing, had exclaimed with satisfaction the crone little Hynoaya, while her grandson little Hyn had already been drunk with power and had fallen under the table amongst some unwashed plates and soiled knives, forks and spoons - they had formed intelligentsia: first of all they had shitted, had relieved themselves, and only after that had they eaten with eager longing. You are rather big, Hynoaya, the table companions had shouted at her, humming the known melody. Green leaf of this dryer/ we’ll make it bit larger (to make it larger = to be on the spree), but the round Hynoaia hadn’t let her bellow and had counter-attacked: shut up, or you lose your bread, but the table companion had to counter-attack above her on an armchair, but she hadn’t let herself below him but had throbbed above, and so on: now she was below him, now he above her, now she below him, finally Hynoaia had succeeded in unweaving the country of its most expensive clothes and had begun to wash it with house soap and washing soda, to rinse it into a river bed, and after that she had sapped country’s strength and had hung it by a rope for drying, little Hyn had taken the spade, the hoe, had dug a deep pit and had sunk into the Earth out of shame (into the pit), he had stayed there about ten minutes till the shame passed to the other side. Countess Servilescu had participated at the dinner owing to the benevolence of the most distinguished Ambassador, she had preferred people’s kidneys and gizzards and for the leader it had been especially kept within the heart of the people, which his majesty had consumed unsalted because he kept a militarized diet. Hyn puffed impassively out of his throat the last wreaths of smoke, all the country had ended into smoke, only THE ASH had left. 
The Press 
a huge number of copies of the same journal are printed every day, a single journal with many titles, only the heading and the date are sometimes changed, other times the linotypes, the comps and the collectors of pearls forget to modify the date and the same journal appears for a couple of days. Yesterday’s appears today, the one of tomorrow appears today again, the designers and the correctors don’t check the text anymore because nobody read it, in fact the journals are not printed to be read. The editors have offered them inadequate conditions to work in so they realize their feature reports on live, the magazines are the same, composed of Hyn: the favorites and the mustache on the first page serve the large public which study them especially with the bottom, when they go to the W.C., what a learned cultivated bottom have the public, a chit is opening his bottom and is syllabifying with a loud voice < Hyn’s world>, madam Nishnishela which has nineteen years of employment is spreading the pegs and is humming with her birdie < the Hynist philosophy regarding cattle of work breeding, body of the Fonfoist Party ... >. after they wipe their posteriors with them, staining the ink with the anus. The public keep them in some personal archives collecting all kinds of useless things, the pamphlets the plaques which see the lights of the printing press in Wodania. They see immediately the light of the toilet cabinets and this for the physical relief of the lovers of books, the clients of the tobacco shops are compelled to subscribe to the Fonfoist printings as being a revolutionary duty, the only thing that’s for sure when you read a newspaper is that it doesn’t tell the truth. That’s why the newspapers are read upside down or between rows, in the same way at the cinema the news reels are watched on the negative, so the spectators can form their eye. The name which appears on the cover of a book or at the end of an article means that in no case this is the author, but he who has wrote the book/article is not allowed to be mentioned in any way, for this reason when someone is cited this formula is used: 
“the article signed by V. Icsulescu” but not “the article of V. Icsulescu”, a very important specification, the press is read beginning with the end, because the first pages are occupied. 
it is minutely spoken about the freedom of the press to praise to the sky the merits which the leader is appropriating without a merit, that nowhere on the globe there is such a freedom, about the equality between all the beings on Earth. Without discrimination between human animal or vegetal origin, or it is in minutely spoken about the freedom of the word of Senior Hyn to chatter to tattle to jabber empty talks to babble to bla-bla to clatter to click to cackle and to deliver rubbish to all the people who don’t listen to him. At the sunset time when he climbs on neighbor’s fence, he holds a historical meeting with a lot of comrades, which are on the beach, among them one can count a group of scapegoats, and the poultry peck, crow the cocks, until it starts getting dark in Wodania and everyone turns back home because THE INTELLECTUAL NIGHT is to come. 
Post Office 
the post proves to be very careful with its customers, for this reason you receive the mail already opened. You don’t waste any time unsticking it and you receive it already read. For not getting you tired, and this thing because in W. it is respected the secret of the correspondence provided in the Constitution. 
the post pays special attention to its’ clients regarding international telephone conversations which are recorded and interrupted from the central so that you have enough time for thinking and sleeping. The express telegrams are transmitted as late as possible (more haste, less speed), the parcels arrive lighter so the addressee can transport them without any difficulty to his domicile, while the post orders come to wrong addresses (so the man does not rack his brains filling out the forms!). Not talking about the subscriptions from abroad, fashion magazines, picture reviews which don’t arrive anymore because the inhabitants of Wodania cannot speak foreign languages (what are so many trifles for?!). 
the citizens are very confident in the national post and for this reason they’ve begun to give up its services, as an example, they send letters abroad by tourists. 
The State Supervision 
the authorities check periodically every countryman or townsman in his soul, at heart, the walls of the buildings are endowed with ears so that the secret police can listen to what the breech bearers talk about with one another. An eye is attached to every window through which the secret police can observe what the citizens see, which citizens are not allowed to see anything else beyond the approval of the sway and which citizens play the guinea pig role. 
Those who want to leave Wodania are retained against their will as hostages, while the families which agree to remain here are banished. The inhabitants are disposed of the things they even have not; the matters are worthy to be taken into consideration (and only!), worthy to be turned into derision. 
when men marry they take other wives in order to not commit a sin by making them a hole - by breeding themselves - they take them with the babies that are already grown (or at least conceived). Why should they lose their time? Toil themselves or make effort? The function of reproduction decreases, the sexual organs atrophy, and the children are born by the word of mouth on the way of building the Fonfoism in our country. 
the scientific ascent is made in a political way, and the professional fall is produced politically too, and according to the personal (un)favours made to the hierarchical chiefs 
an internal campaign for the non-intellectualization of the masses, for their unconsciousness, it is carried out. 
the state security consists in its defense against the freedom from outside and against some attempts of liberalization from inside the forming of a new order superior to other orders through aberrations, enormities, nonsense and fallacies with the view of keeping a nervous tension in the rows of the population and of maintaining all kinds of discriminations: hypertension, hyper-supervision, hyper-hypoacoustic. 
these plants are built which will serve as museums for workers, it was agreed that the workers from certain sectors of activity should benefit by the fruits of their work like this: 
the peasants who grow grains should not buy country’s bread. 
the inventors should not drive profit out of their innovations that they spoiled their eyes with and sweat their temples with (that is why they slip them abroad). 
the discoverers of treasures should place them at the disposal of whole Hon Hyn’s people. 
art values should not be appreciated but from a Fonfoist point-of-view (as a matter of fact the contrabandists take them beyond the Fonfoist borders). 
there aren’t rich people and poor people in Wodania, but poor people and poor people (excepting the Fonfoists) in the sense that the majority don’t have a penny and they are dressed in rags. 
so the matter rests if you don’t have cows. 
hold your tongue and milk the goats. 
because the silence is really emphasized . 
The silence is like honey, 
and the talk like gall. 
Ideological and Physiological Silence. 
Moral Silence. 
Philosophical Silence. 
Silence That Not A Breath Is Heard. 
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