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Non-Values’ Epoch
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Mr. Hyn is a short black and scabby headed man who takes much trouble to save his dishonor at great pains gained by his Party in these fatal years, some grace years of Lord Hyn, many non-historical deeds were narrated.  
NONVALUES’ EPOCH, how it is called, develops through standardization some servile and humble personalities, that’s why it is promulgated as a fundamental thesis of the Fonfoist doctrine:  
the kissism (= to kiss superior’s bottom)  
and they strictly control the following:  
the verticality (to stay with your back right, unbent).  
the cerebrality (= to be able to reason yourself, and to not take as an axiom everything that is asserted).  
there isn’t a religious discrimination in W., and of any other kind, that’s why the sectarians are dismissed and the persecutions of any kind come one after another.  
In Wodania, a country of beasts (in fact, of blockheads), the beasts make experiences on people, they took the leadership in the state and play the fool, the human beings which rescue inflexible from metamorphosis and non-degenerated were persecuted from the Country of Animals by the autocrat-master Hyn.  
Wodania is a political scene and the people play in it under the non-artistic direction of H.H. There are more actors than spectators, in other roles and anti-roles that play the diplomats (much attention is paid to external editors’ inattention), there were taken even guards to watch over the observance of the social disorder.  
the Party does it’s best so the plebes feel cheap and live harder and harder through some reasonably elaborated measures - the meat should be about to disappear from butcheries as well as the eggs, male eggs should be consumed.  
at the self-service store veal calculators should be sold, fowl sets, adidases (adidas = a Romanian nickname for pig hoof in the communist period), boots of sparrow, chicken from those tiny ones - petreush brothers (well-known Romanian folk singers). At bag, as a part of the alimentary rationalization program should be imposed that old people should not eat milk because it passes among their teeth (we should send our crops to the neighbors so they should live satisfied).  
at hygiene class one should learn what the fresh meat does not look like and the housewives should not even what color it is.  
“but how do you want to eat everyday?” - H.H. flied one day at the crowd -  
Didn’t you wolf down anything yesterday?  
Oh yes, mumbled the churls.  
And isn’t that enough?!”  
the hens should sing cockily.  
when the short hand shows 8 that should mean 11 hour, and if the big hand is found between 5 and 13 then it should give us the exact time. “At the third beep it will be 10 hour: Hyn Hyn Hyn, it was 10 hour”.  
if the sketch of a building is projected on a drawing board then it should not be realized on the ground.  
every person without a specialization in a domain should be able to give information, indications etc. in that domain.  
in a family the husband should cook, crochet, change the babies of swaddling, and the mate should read the newspaper on an armchair, split logs with the ax and go to the match .  
for engagement should take no notice of the professional activity, or it should be taken into account (in a negative sense).  
heroes should be declared those people who don’t fight in the front.  
because of the modern transformations in our society, the care for human beings should be replaced with the care for apes.  
the Wodanians tourists should not be allowed to go abroad.  
the production of bankrupt factories should be increased.  
as far as possible should be carried out the impossible.  
the meetings and the debates should be as long and useless as possible.  
there should exist hospitals where you arrive healthy and leave ill.  
the agricultural industrialization and the industrial agriculturalization.  
the exemplary accomplishment of every public offense.  
therefore things have changed.  
secret police cultivate the mistrust between people through counter-information transmitted by its agents, the pejorative called < casters >. Through counter-rumors the secret police also have the mission to call away population’s attention from the acute crisis (penury of aliments, cold..., discrediting, confinements) which persist in Wodania (in this anachronic eve). They do not warn the people that a volcano is about to erupt, that there will be seisms, nuclear wars and that we are supervised by aliens (political diversion). Things that they demonstrate rigorously with the most unscientific arguments, in this way we should be afraid and say in himself (the population): I would live anyhow, even starveling, only the disaster should not happen.  
in our country the prices are not like abroad, expensive, in our country the prices are high and sometime swollen much over the ceiling.  
the reforms are made, but on the paper leaps too, but downwards in W. we can meet some carnivorous plants too which feed themselves with people.  
the ministers sold two hills as well as the leaf-bearing wood to Tarikovskia, they burnt the ocean that the resulted ash and cinders should contribute to the increase of country’s cocking coal production.  
in Wodania the governors and the ministers don’t understand each other, they speak different languages: quikaly language.  
the Fonfoist self-seekers curse the inhabitants with great pleasure and try to keep them away from the external welfare.  
the sin of the Fonf (snuffling in English) society fell upon us.  
the savants and the artists became some uprooted peoples, they themselves unearth their roots, take them under arm and decamp from W. before the Hon Hyn sunrise, because it’s always dark in their country and they can’t see to perfect their Works. It isn’t comfortable here to be uncomfortable, but to look like a terribly common people.  
the sceptical prophet’s curse.  
the Fonfoist Elite practices a social masochism searching for their own pleasure by provoking pains to the people, thus: it is promulgated the right at injustice of every Fonfoist, from time to time there are tormented and tortured peoples for Hyn’s delight.  
Isn’t this Hyn sick of leading?  
the reigns like a crazy man: twenty three hundreds one thousand years, wouldn’t get stuck his bottom on the royal throne, wouldn’t he go to bed to give us some rest? he led us to the fate unwill, because everything is done for the happiness of the inhabitants, we only have the impression of subsistence but in fact we are already deceased, only Hyn is a living man and roves in our place too, but we don’t afford him to live more than three years from now on!  
The aim of the life on Earth, according to the Party thesis - is the Fonfoist hedonism that is the pleasure to incite some popular displeasures in a universal Wodania.  
“the man can endure as much as he likes only he should want!, So let’s form and develop his Fonfoist conscience”.  
(H. Hyn, < Too complete Works > vol. 13261, tom XMDCL WIII, Fasc.1. page. 600992)  
the only quality of the chief are his uncommon defects, I think that this scatter-brain would be able to destroy everything: science art culture people only to maintain his power, domination over us, he spends astronomic funds with the maintenance of an army of rosy policemen which should defend his despotism. H.H. claims imaginary awards for himself, invents ranks, dignities for he and his family and self-assignments. Co-author of so many appreciable deeds, appreciable in a negative sense, he cured us of the desire for freedom and independence, the prince breaks all the records in matters of counter-performances.  
the reality became a somber reality.  
every individual action is undermined.  
the crisis propels the Fonfoist society towards new tops of regress and uncivilization, there not happen in Wodania events without unreason, and the phenomena have neither cause nor effect, the thinking remains behind the veridicity.  
the Party always wakes us the nonsense of things:  
the salaried from town A work in the town B and the reverse (the running to and fro constitutes an aim in itself, for emphasizing the scourge of the modern super-industrialized societies), those who know a trade work as specialists and those who don’t know anyone will accumulate multiple functions.  
the investments are certainly made as uncertain as possible and upside-down, the government is superfluous to the abundance!  
This most repressive system on the globe is self-entitled the most democratic and popular and beloved and, and, and, and (the ears can’t endure so many fabrications, hypocrisies, perfidies, cunnings, ... that’s why I put blanks).  
the animal in human being there is in the center of the studies, it is instituted a dignity unworthy of us: the bestial dignity that is emphasized by the regime to educate and shape some animal characters.  
I remind you that in Wodania there are no personalities but individuals with a statute of objects, indefinite beings in a definite order in an indefinite way. Workers who do not have the opportunity distinguish themselves, convicted to anonymity, they are afraid of themselves, of Fonfoism, and they avoid themselves, frightened by life.  
Hyn pleads about the importance of unimportant things, it’s interesting that he talks about uninteresting matters, every useless occupation is useful in Wodania.  
only Hon Hyn can understand the non-intelligible can and ignore the ignorance.  
only he can make the inaccessible accessible to you.  
invalidate the invalidity.  
and revoke the irrevocable.  
and insufflate to us this science hostile to the science.  
and violate the inviolability of the person and domicile.  
it’s painful of painful!  
he perturbs our imperturbability.  
that we discern the indiscernible.  
imagine the unimaginable.  
predict the unpredictable.  
we are in the position to determine the indeterminable.  
to particularize the particularity.  
and to generalize the generality.  
we open everything that is open and close every closing because our stone-stillness stands stone-still.  
Hyn managed so far that he removed the removal too.  
he sacrificed the sacrificing.  
and divined the non-divinity (that is he was self-divined).  
explored the unexplorable.  
according to expectations we didn’t expect anything of him.  
he betrayed the betrayal.  
he doesn’t want to know what is correct and right, he does know only the opposite that he accomplishes in the spirit and the letter of the law (the Hynism and the Fonfoism seem to be born one for another).  
Hyn darkens even our dark.  
gets on fire the fire in our heart.  
and get into our impenetrable being with a false army of poets.  
(I don’t like the professional writers who make a job from art - the art is not a job! - but those who have something to say, who don’t write because they have to) the subordinates compete each other flattering the protecting family.  
O, Hyn, Lord of the dark and desperation!  
pioneer of the bottomed muddy paths, you made from us the servants of everybody.  
Hyn is a master in stupidity. He doesn’t let us pass away: if you don’t listen to his logos until the last word, you can’t piss!  
We know Wodania in a way that nobody else must know it, as if it were in Devil’s power, we, some possessed, in the power of the Devil Hyn, in the power of the Fonfoist evil, the earthly power merging with the devilish power  
We ask the world to forget us!  
The leadership allows only the forbidden things.  
How much could they suck the people back dry?!  
(“Everything’s good what ends badly” say the Fonfoist philosophers. Sometimes these <thinkers> seem to be like some ... useless savants).  
Hyn doesn’t want to lose for anything in the world, he has made infusions with essence of pine buds, transfusions of blood collected from the people to maintain him always freshly, the all glorious king. He proclaims as a fundamental principle to not intervene in the internal affairs so his majesty can dispose of everything like a maitre absolu and not have to give an account to anybody.  
moralist in his immorality.  
Lord, help us to die that we’re sick of this life!  
dreaming the dream of the whirling sea and sleeping the sleep of the stone on the bottom of the water.  
to stroke the warm stroking of the cool breeze.  
to feel the white feeling of the maculated Medusa.  
waking the awake of the golden shells.  
immobility into immobility.  
song into song.  
echo into echo.  
light into light.  
glittering of glitter.  
emptied of emptiness.  
filled with filling.  
denuded of denudation.  
tempted by temptation.  
ether of ether.  
shaded by the moon’s shading.  
essentialized in the essentiality of the trivial common daily acts.  
mediated through the medium of creation into creation and non-creation and of the challenge in the frame of challenges.  
there is neither interior nor exterior but everything is submitted to a whole full of itself.  
desensitized by the Party into a phase of human ‘robotization’ and ‘cybernetization’  
much enlarged in our microscopic smallness, looking up and down the immeasurable, that small infinite, always of an inconstant constancy we have the right to not live anymore in such circumstances.  
We are our own destroying. And we implore the imploring! We are our own birth. And we implore the imploring! A desperate people in its desperation. The government plays with people’s desperation. We live to the fullest, a dead life, and for this reason we have lost any aspirations. And the forgetting of the forgotten. The corpses rise from cemeteries lay the crosses on their backs, the thrones on their shoulders and move to other continents because here their rest is disturbed. At every necropolis exists Fonfoist Party propaganda which gives some passionate allocutions to the disappeared people, all defunct people are obliged to subscribe, they are guided by a general commandant of the deeds; a Martian correspondent wanting to interview the Party secretary in the cemetery <Lord Hyn’s Birth>, who was a lewd in his time, found a note at tomb’s door.  
“I am at Helen of Melward.”  
“five graves forward.”  
The man worships to Hyn as he would be an apostle or a saint, saint Hyn, of the Hell. Who succeeds in setting up this GENERAL CHAOS through a delicate terror. Hyn defends the disorder and intervenes to disturb the order. However we recognize that sometimes he makes the mistake to commit some positive actions.  
But all good becomes evil!  
The commandant gives us an intensive course on how to turn a community stupid. In Fonfoism the things are called by their true non-name.  
all who don’t agree to the Party’s stupid politics are declared traitors. For instance one actor who made jokes about the present social system was irradiated ostensibly in order to make him a radiography, and they gave him lung cancer and only the Pope at the grave saved him. Population affirms that they have no objection about the introduction of Fonfoism in the rows of the human communities but it would be proper to test it firstly on objects then on rats and finally be removed although the Fonfoism is everything for man (do you want me telling you which <man>?...Hyn!).  
An Auntie about the economic and financial recession heaves a sigh.  
“Oh my, but how long is this war gonna take?” Both Hyns want to bequeath to their child all country, the function of president, but we think that he will completely sell us!” It would be great, prognosticate the futurologists, maybe he’ll sell us to the Americans and we’ll get on as it should be!”  
Homosapiens is leavened to endure the Fonfoist evil, there was instituted the state of necessity-in-homeland through which the inhabitants were imposed to economize their own caloric power and to transform it into electric energy donated to the state, the old men should be deported because they finished their Fonfoist cycle of life.  
When they too made a work call (as to say work because all the workers stood and acclaimed) Hyn and Hynoaia were some old-headed men (if you want to see nothing then you make an announced call) “But do you know what as hell are these old-headed men?” The natives met them with bread and salt in their eyes (to meet sm. with bread and salt = to give sm. a warm reception), they gave them cactus flowers and some other nettles, dogs carrying placards which read “down with the thief”. You should have seen what a disaster has been, how the policemen ran after the poor animals! Men with a dog collar around their neck, dragged by chains, walking on all fours like the seals and the horses on land, applauding to order when they didn’t receive the order. Loud speakers with recorded sounds of <hurraah>, <hurraaaah> amplifying the nonexistent. There was an indescribable uproar, that here that I described above. The artisans hurried in their work rooms, Hyn passed beside, lifted as for a salute his left heel, a bit aside, and then he asked them with a brotherly love:  
< how should I trouble you?>  
When the Iron Aggregate Works in town analyzed the stadium of undevelopment at its productive departments and it held an operative meeting, which lasted 7h, there was present Mr. Hyn too. There were proposed some methods of improvement of the work conditions for the office workers:  
Ionescu: Let’s work on Saturday too.  
the Director: Every Saturday?  
Ionescu: Of course.  
the Director: (Towards the Audience) Do you agree?  
the Audience: Yeees...  
Popescu: Let’s work on Sunday too.  
the Director: All Sundays?  
Popescu: Of course.  
the Director: (Towards the Audience) Do you agree?  
the Audience: Yeees...  
(It’s rising Bula too.)  
Bula: Let’s work non-stop.  
(All are astounded).  
the Director: What, do you think it’s possible?  
Bula: Instead of going home and climbing up on the wife and making one like Ionescu or Popescu ... we’d better work non-stop!...  
there would be some infamous and abject times elsewhere but we run them close!!  
People say that the prince would not be real, but a puppet handled from behind the scenes, or a force that manifests itself independently of him and of us. To elaborate a law for stimulating the technico-scientifical creativity of the large popular masses through which it is forbidden to the savants to possess an excess of knowledge, skills and habitations aptitudes. The villains are put to the illicit side because they dilapidate from the empty treasury of state, they are declared persona non-grata and spoiled of all their wealth acquired on the account of those needy at this chapter, which wealth go in the National Patrimony of the Herudite Ruling Family; the knowledge the skills the habitations in Wodania can’t be the appendage of an elite they should belong to whole nations and that’s why the Hynists proceed to distribute them equally after needs.  
those who solicit much should not be predestined a bit - indicates the wise god - because they might have some abstruse thoughts: businesses, bargains, sales, and those who don’t solicit have no need, and consequently they should not be attributed. All these scientists will be substituted by some disappointed men, why would you worry writing books when you can simply put some others to write and you should sign? is wondering Hyn by the stupidity of some of his academicians (in Wodania the academicians appear overnight like the twitch through notch), in the last Hyn succeeded in abolishing the academy and other insignificant institutions which rendered difficult the process of the creation of non-values as well as the universities the faculties the pedagogic institutes and the tile factory from ungureni, which he turned ingeniously into some Sheep’s Breeding Farms shepherded by Him, SO HYN FINISHED WHOLE COUNTRY’S CREAM, HE POLISHED WITH IT HIS BOOTS FULL OF MUD.  
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Non-Values’ Epoch / Florentin Smarandache : Confluenţe Literare, ISSN 2359-7593, Ediţia nr. 2877, Anul VIII, 16 noiembrie 2018.

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