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happenings from Wodania
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Hyn had become an exceedingly woman dangler he hadn’t been tolerated anymore even by the wives bred since they were children in order to be sure they were virgin in harem under the protection of Hynoaya he had been found out countless times shamelessly in a Lie, the Lie was a lady in sovereign’s High Society, she was provocatively dressed in a short and rosy skirt long as far as her ass, transparent, braless that she caught people’s eyes and hung them between her teats, the Lie was amazingly beautiful and everybody in the High Society loved her and frequented her especially when she smiled and her tongue could be seen, one night she appealed to the sovereign and she slept with him, this wasn’t found out at the castle but there was a suspicion that Hyn beat about bush or that he went with the crow red painted (to go with the crow painted = to play tricks) because the Lie was dark-black as well as pious king’s deeds, the Lie sits with the king at the table concluded john vlahuta, but the people thought he was honest, that he created some escapades, that from time to time he slipped his horse out of the bridle at some madams, as it had been proved in the last time with missus Lie which was very esteemed in the empire, the subjects swallowed and were silent, they swallowed the pill, they swallowed hard, Hyn was caught with the lie the servants whispered at corners, Hyn was caught, the Lie became heavy and made some little eggs and spread itself all over the place.  
it was dawning, near the castle flowed a quiet spring, come and quite my longing, as in the fair paintings, the infinite had caught a form into a varnished frame of a fair picture, on a bank a blind man squinted at me out of the fair picture, the old man got down out of the picture with the staff in his hand and told me: I haven’t more than two minutes and two ours to live, I’m with the death in my soul (with the death in soul = sick at heart) and I want to take it to the palace, I have been informed by the intelligent service that Hyn caught with the Lie in sight of everybody, his wife showed her shame in face with him, but the male didn’t mind, his matrimonial or civic sense didn’t erect at all, it remained drooping like a tool, the Lie usurps at the throne or at least she pretends to rule like a mistress, oho I break him in, when she’ll plant her pins with thin heels on your shoulders, when she’ll throb a breast in your face and a reek of chrysanthemum scent, that you’ll have the impression that the lilac has bloomed, when she’ll give you a tongue that you think that she wants to take you some gastric tests, how elderly you’d be you lean on three legs! the old man got down out of the fair picture with the death in his soul, took a cudgel from the ground and pushed it until its last knot into his soul that he pulled out the death which he tied into a bag and he directed to palace...  
Hyn had got the country into his clutches and played with it like a bear with its chicks, he pulled it over him, rolled it into abyss, rolled it head over heels far away, turned it back again, threw it like a basket ball at the dustbin, the gypsies came and scratched the garbage and pulled it out, until the country has broken and ran out of it all the butter and honey and wax into Tarikovskia, because out of their gratitude brought to our loyalty, the Tarikovskians had made up some sounding balloons which drilled deeply into every inhabitant of Wodania and extracted his soul under the form of oil used for the illumination of the rooms and the main streets in Tarikovskia, it’s true that we had paid that they’d pull out our soul and to use it for their illumination, but the price wasn’t expensive, but only too expensive, when they considered right the Tarikovskians came to us and cleared everywhere, that is they took friendly the food and gave us in change cheering up, morale assistance and other empty words which we hadn’t heard of until then, but we were pleased because our neighbours paid attention to us, and they took us under their protecting wing and protected us against every stroking, but they were afraid to not taste of us other friends which almost scented how we stood, so the Tarikovskians had taken care to poison us, and to embroider ice icicles at the borders of our country, that we do not tired ourselves carrying the country to them they invented some underground pipes through which we sent away the Earth of our country piece by piece to Tarikovskia, in exchange they sent us through sound channels cordial greetings and innovating theories.  
after he had dug a hole of about 3.1(3) meters depth at the castle Hyn threw the viscous liquid with pomp and tam-tam he picked a straw from a quite big ear and he started sucking country’s blood, when he exhausted the country of riches he implored God for a drizzle to clear his youth sins from the stiff body of the country, and after the rainbow, how Hyn has never been satiated because his belly was fissured and threads of sand trickled out of it, he went to the ancient oak tree on the peak Raniloma of the street with the same name, at no.54, opposite with the Restaurant <Snowstorm>, the same corner with Maritza Place, above the cinema Hynoaya, near the Grocery Store of the former hairdresser Aldigo, district New Suburb, first way on the right, so he came here with a hatchet and stabbed a thick branch of the oak tree, ripped up the bark of the trunk which couldn’t be embraced by the whole Hyn family, and he started suckling people’s sap, but as he couldn’t finish it alone, although he was swollen like an elephant or a mosquito or an adult whale, he appealed for help to some boot-lickers clowns political actors and a chair on he sat emperor in order to not lose his powers of physical effort, the chair was declared saint and anointed by the pope (as well as Caligula with the horse invested with the title of consul) that they were sure it wouldn’t slip the boss from under his back and they sucked, sucked and sucked again at people’s sap with their buttocks full with seven mouths fifteen, and the people stiff had become as a rod , the people grew yellow withered and fell into grave, with humbleness Hyn laid down a shovel of ground.  
the presidential palace hadn’t a fence, in fact it had a fence but not of wood of iron of cement but a quick-set hedge walled from soldiers with guns, some genuine soldiers rammed into the ground until ankle until knee others until navel according to their height and stringed in the burial order, the most vigorous were set up precisely at the corners of the palace, the guns were between soldiers, in place of head each of them wore a kitbag stuffed with theoretical victuals (molars, canine etc.) they fed themselves with those who passed by the palace, the soldiers were caught one by the other in the dance of power and they kept mum, the chief engineer and the assistant secretary of the hedge had had the valuable initiative to fasten them with nails of six by the board hedge as well as Christ crucified, they hammered a nail to one on head and to his mate on ass that they could not move in front of the govern, so head ass head ass or ass head ass head well it was the same thing, this hedge spoke and pissed simultaneously like an artesian well especially when the leader went on an official call, it has been a charming view! but more when the leader came back from a working call it has been a more charming view because some shitted on themselves with fear and on back they formed a square round of excrement, the soldiers turned into stone till new orders when they formed the iron guard of the emperor, then they were capitalized at maximum, the living hedge defended the govern against people’s unshakable love, this living hedge had been interposed between Hyn and the people and it was impossible to avoid, to pass beyond it, vainly tried the desperate people some pole vaults beyond, any sense in hedge or any gate for escape, it’s true that there existed some ways of access to castle but they were some laws unwritten with secret paths known only by the oppressor, because once when the people had revolted Hyn succeeded in avoiding through a little gate of a law beyond the general discontentment, and the government he accused of the responsibility of so many irresponsible decisions and sent it away as package strongly wrapped with cotton rope into an extermination camp, after that he washed his hands with drinking water to be accustomed to the thought that had his hands clean Hyn, however, was a leader tried in many disorders and that thing has been well known by it, the people, then he took nicely the crones, the old birds the lepers and all ugly people in the kingdom until he put step by step all the country to rein and led it to the death where the way was more difficult bumpy crumbled unpaved he led it to the death but to its, country’s death, because Hyn was immortal in the conscience of his fellows as a perfect satrap who didn’t avoid even the hogwash when it had to sequester to the villagers, after the suppressing of the insolent revolt because I forgot to tell you that the miners if you can imagine had revolted without having an authorization from the party without preventing the government to take measures of reprisals, and these filthy of pitmen didn’t want to enter the mine hungrily, fancy what impertinence wondered the minister for internal affairs hiding his belly under the table, this is a defiance against the working people and the democracy, Serveson fired up too against the country as a monster with seventeen heads and eleven tails, the steel mills fired continually, the sun glittered, the moon was on the other side of the Earth I don’t know what was she doing there I think she stayed in the shadow, the stars were on the sky with two lesser as in the all souls of miners’ day, Hynoy the Minister(ish) of Foreign Affairs stood up in the meeting and added fuel to the fire from an ebonite can, the country burnt into flames with some splendid violet sparkling as some viper’s tongues, the devil got down and start dancing that the cat sat on tail (to do sm. that the cat sits on tail = to do sm. extraordinary),the angels burnt themselves around eyebrows and took the path of exile, the Wodanian land possessed by the devil, of Hyn, the country burnt into fire and mother Hyn-oaya (oaia = the sheep, in Romanian) combed her hair: mirror little mirror who’s the ugliest woman in the country? you, strangled the mirror, the cat which sat on tail and admired the devil was warned that in Wodania people didn’t stay but they worked, the country boiled as the tortilla in a cast-iron kettle, the firemen came from settled parts to extinguish our fire of country, but the stormy rancorous sullen cloyed Hyn didn’t want to hear anything because he was about to fall asleep and he ordered that nobody would awake him, so the counsellors let him to dye fool, when he woke from his brave sleep swore to go everything through fire, first he take the sword out of the sheath from the pants and passed it through fire to dye it, then he put the sword back in his pants, began to show his horns toward those from the council and only then the Crown Council realized that he was horned, Hyn laid hands on all the members in hall, first on their shoulders, then on their backbone lifted them by the collar one by one and lumped them together into a pot, he laid the pot on the middle fire of a gas stove with the brand <Hades> and boiled all of them at the temperature of the representatives chamber to make them soup, the cultural attaché split his cheek because of water which was boiling of shame, the other tadpoles from the juice of soup waged their tail and turned into some toads, referring to the sole of the country (the sole of the country = the peasantry, Romanian exp.) we let you know that this one was opened hollow desquamated skinned dried-up wasted away stuffed shrunken shriveled and now after so many glorious years she walked bare-foot, had corns and the skin split on she like the gubavians.  
the ambassador Hynila & Co. were just flying to the Tarikovskian border to conclude some cultural animal exchanges between the two countries and peoples, when suddenly the instruments of measuring and control detected a secret into the left heel of ambassador’s wife, Hyniloaia, they wanted to take the leg out of her ass but they had some financial difficulties and let the ambassadress drop and wet herself, in the end they pulled her the secret out of the heel with a pair of tongs and threw it to fire that it shouldn’t fall alive into enemy’s hands.  
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happenings from Wodania / Florentin Smarandache : Confluenţe Literare, ISSN 2359-7593, Ediţia nr. 2874, Anul VIII, 13 noiembrie 2018.

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