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Tablet bitter, bitter!  
We have witnessed in the last part of the many attacks on Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR). Of the individuals in the group of 20,743 atheists said. In Romania. Or maybe the 18 917 that were declared without any religion! I'm not surprised at all that most inhabit the banks of the Dâmboviţa (8,067 of the 1,736 people in District 6, the fewest, 743, District 5), follows the city at the foot of Feleacului.  
National Institute of Statistics ( all the data public. Find explanations carefully analyzed at all that is happening in our little country. In all fields.  
Short. Of the 20,121,641 inhabitants (2011), 16,307,004 were declared orthodox. Which add to the 32,558 Christians in the old style + + 150 593 870 774 Roman Catholic Greek Catholic. Scot in demonstration against foreigners established national realm: Muslims - 64.337 Serbs - 14,385, Hebrew - 3519, Armenians - 393 or 30 557 people of other religions, which naturally came with faith and customs. Eliminate those 1,259,739 people which are not given in this respect (?).  
Romanian Orthodox Church communicates the existence of 15 218 places of worship that serve 14,513 priests and deacons. Under the guidance of Romanian Orthodox Church is also 121 children centers, 35 centers for the elderly, 106 soup kitchens and bakeries, 52 diagnostic and treatment centers, medical and social pharmacies, 23 counseling centers assistance to families in need, two centers for victims of human trafficking. The Romanian Orthodox Church is involved in the development of national programs: domestic violence, trafficking prevention, drug prevention, preventing the spread of HIV-AIDS, integration and social inclusion of disadvantaged groups (people with disabilities, unemployed etc.) (  
How many TV, forming opinion (!) Addresses the Church's charitable activities? But when a king tread awry, mother, mother! Hours subject is turned on all sides. Incendiary images! Gathering information for the tablet front, we found that the Romanian Orthodox Church provides permanent social assistance to some 270,000 persons and spiritual assistance for Romanian 16,307,004. Last year the Romanian Orthodox Church has allocated £ 80 million for philanthropy. To operate with accurate figures. Here are joining the effort to other churches in Romania. Which is not at all negligible.  
I note that the protesters atheists provide strongly, given unrealistic. Proving weak knowledge of general culture. No confusion, although the sources of information are available to all. Or are malicious! Making all kinds of jokes that they seem smart! Primary intelligence akin to primates, which states that shoot! Such as charges for various religious services. I searched and did not find the site any minimum rates Patriarchate. Perhaps it would be beneficial posting them. Two variants. For those who regularly pay their annual contribution and others who remember the church only during certain events (baptism, wedding, funeral) and trouble.  
I'm not a perfect Christian, but can not assist unworthy passive attack that offends a community of millions of fellow Christians. Do not ever forget that the Romanian Orthodox Church held that each national church, unity and balance of people. Thousands and thousands of years. Church, regardless of religion, civilization preserved in her womb. Great scientists have formed the cult faith, realizing the purpose and role of the Church. More. Few have given lunacy. The brain's own healing each key exists. "Be faithful! Your faith will heal! "Proves a truth that often disturbs the scientific world. Especially in the medical world! Paradoxically, the more discoveries are made, science finds that other ministers and other mysteries and mysteries of divine creation. Challenges for development.  
In fact, the body of the church were drawn other communities civilizing institutions: school, library, hospital, theater, museum that manages the state or local communities, while the Church is a private institution. State contribution being symbolic! In the Church he found peace and hope those who attend and support. Voluntarily. State merely because it supports and between state and local officials are Christians. But, again, it's symbolic support. Base remains people and management of each parish. Of course, happened, and wrongdoing among servants. Church recognized and taken drastic measures, but the media fuss Tamula unnoticed sanctions, exacerbating the scandal itself, giving the feeling of generalization.  
One thing is very clear. No Church Romanian bankrupted factories and mills. No Church Church robbed dozens of banks in recent years. Church did not missing fleet of the country. No church has signed agreements with the IMF enslaving conditions for the country. No church wants exploitation at Rosia Montana deposits or shale gas contravention technical standards. No church has closed schools and hospitals. No church depleted Romania. No Church salaries noodles and applied economic policies that led to the impoverishment of millions of Romanian emigration throughout the world.  
It is these people with no God, slip in decision-making positions of responsibility have produced disaster! Locally and nationally. Not unimportant is the fact that the Romanian people have no date, a national patriarchal cathedral. Building representative, as in all Christian peoples. Many still huge sacrifices built a thousand years ago. In Romanian, jobs are kept for decades in a metropolitan cathedral, with a capacity of approx. 300 seats. Intentions have existed over time, but none materialized.  
"Mihai Eminescu with John Glory was among the first Romanian intellectuals who launched and supported the idea of ​​building a national cathedral, as a sign of gratitude to God after the War of Independence in the years 1877-1878, a church building value national symbol. "(Salvation Cathedral, the history of Nicholas Del. ideal. Noica).  
Last post December draft of the People's Salvation Cathedral took on more shape, and Romania hope to join the ranks of the civilized world. Chain connecting us to the spiritual energy of the planet. Late, very late! Maybe it free from ancestral curse! So well described Caragiale. And not only.  
Romanian Orthodox Church struggle daily to maintain national being, restoring hope and peace of mind to people. That seems to bother most on those born on the branch. Sounds like a program to destroy the fiber of the Romanian people. Many even say that concrete arguments. Ateiii, free thinkers, they want instead of the seven virtues: faith, temperance, hope, justice, fortitude, charity, prudence, books promoted by the Church, to be taken by the seven deadly sins: envy, pride, lust, gluttony, avarice, sloth, wrath. They do it by all means, most broadcasters promoting non stop such harmful messages and apocalyptic.  
God help us!  
PS Last night was buffered car prosecutor ship of St. Elijah. Police found that the accident was going the opposite abode Church.  
All the best!?  
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Minor small? An out together.  
Share! Thanks! To see! We have freedom from fear!  
Sergiu GĂBUREC  
Saturday, February 15, 2014  
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Sergiu GĂBUREAC - TABLETA DE WEEKEND (56): ATACURI LA BOR / Sergiu Găbureac : Confluenţe Literare, ISSN 2359-7593, Ediţia nr. 1144, Anul IV, 17 februarie 2014.

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